le chef d'oeuvre inconnu
le chef d'oeuvre inconnu

Naked by J-L BOUSSINGAULT (1883-1943)

An oil on canvas (re-ennobled) measuring 55X46 cm without the Montparnasse frame representing a nude garcon circa 1922 monogrammed LB.

Jean-Louis BOUSSINGAULT (1883-1943) Born in Paris, Boussingault frequented the painters André Dunoyer of Segonzac, Luc-Albert Moreau, Valdo Barbey and André Villeboeuf in the 1900's. They were all students at the Julian Academy and then The academy of the Palette where he has as teachers Charles Guérin, Georges Desvallières, and Pierre Laprade. During the summer of 1908, this group of friends went on holiday to Saint-Tropez and painted together. For a time, Dunoyer and Boussingault share a workshop in Paris.
He exhibited for the first time in 1909 at the Salon des Independants.
Length : 55 cm
Width : 46 cm

Category : Dipinti
Style : Art Moderne
Period : 20th century

Price : 2500

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