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Galerie jabert - Expert Agrée - Membre SNA

Feuilles de Choux Tapestry - Atelier de la Marche - Period: XVIth Centur

Object description :
"Feuilles De Choux Tapestry - Atelier De La Marche - Period: XVIth Century"
Galerie Jabert, CNE approved expert presents this exceptional tapestry from the Ateliers de la Marche called "Feuilles de Choux", 16th century period, measuring 240 H x 205 L - For more information, please contact us ( The so-called cabbage leaf tapestries, which take their name from the exuberant presence of foliage similar to the leaves of crucifers, are among the most remarkable and mysterious of tapestries. The visual dynamism of the drawing -provided by the profusion of wild foliage seeming to come out of the darkness- sometimes seems at the limit of abstraction for the modern eye. The oldest of the tapestries have a background decorated with flowers and foliage rather classical and orderly. We thus find some from 1430 in an inventory of Philippe le Bon in which a tapestry is thus described: 'of Arras thread, with several grasses and small flowers, worked in the middle of two characters, assavoir of a knight and a lady, and six child figures'. Wilder and almost surreal, cabbage leaf tapestries appear in the middle of the first half of the 16th century and are probably derived from millefleur tapestries. While the latter retained an apparent peace and order and were drawn without any perspective, the cabbage leaf tapestries, with their broad leaves showing a rich and spontaneous imaginary nature, defying form and reason, are decidedly three-dimensional. These tapestries are known as cabbage leaves or aristolochia leaves although the name cabbage leaf is incorrect as they are instead acanthus leaves. The tapestry of broad-leaved greenery introduced a look that was not only three-dimensional but also naturalistic. This aspect is reinforced by the introduction of birds and occasionally mythological animals but more rarely human figures. The predominant vision is that of an untamed nature that man has not yet disturbed; an image that is both fascinating but also threatening and undoubtedly emblematic of the Garden of Eden.
Our house assures you the sale of a tapestry with invoice and expertise approved by "La Compagnie Nationale des Experts", Tapestry well cleaned, in good condition with its fixing system. If it should be necessary, we will specify the work that has been carried out.

Width : 205
Height : 240

Category : Old tapestry
Period : 16th century and before

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